TempTec-R Reader

The TempTec-R Reader is a hand held data gatherer that can download files from the iButton data loggers just by touching them. The TempTec Reader can hold files from a large number of iButton data loggers before off-loading the files to the PC. The TempTec-R shows immediately if any temperature problem has occurred without having to download the file to a computer.
Temperature monitoring system for transport and storage of perishable goods


The system uses the small iButton data loggers. The iButtons are started by the PC, if desired with alarm limits using the communications program in the software and USB interface to the computer. The iButtons are then positioned in the storage area in wall mounted fobs or mounted in coloured keytag fobs packed with goods. When the files are wanted, the user can walk up to the iButtons and gather their files by touching them with the TempTec-R reader.

Stores many files

  • DS1921 Thermochrons: Reader can store files from 1200 loggers
  • DS1922 & DS1923 iButton temperature, and temperature and humidity data loggers: Reader can store files from 400 loggers


  • Shows details of any alarms in the iButton
  • Shows how many files currently in reader
  • Shows the temperature of the most recent log – or ‘Not Logging’
  • Shows Time & Date

Grace Period for Alarms

  • When the TempTec-R reader is set up, the user can choose to set a grace period so that a short period of higher temperature in the iButton will not show up when the it is read by the TempTec-R.
  • Grace period can be set to cover loading/unloading, door openings etc.


  • TempTec-R Reader cannot interfere with the setup of the logging.
  • The logging is undisturbed regardless of how many times it has been checked.

The Reader clearly shows what is happening during downloading. A yellow light shows download in progress. Successful download without alarm is shown by a green light. Successful download with alarm in the logger file is shown by a red light. The TempTec-R will only display the current alarms.

When a TempTec-R reader is downloaded to the PC, the files are sorted, according to date and time, comments lines, alarms and serial numbers. These files can be viewed as graphs or lists, be saved and exported to spreadsheets or emailed.

TempTec System is equally suited to monitor storage temperatures. The loggers are set up to wrap around (logging every 5 minutes for weekly or every 30 minutes for monthly reading). The placement of each logger may be entered in the comment fields. The loggers may then be wall mounted in wrap around mode.

The TempTec-R Reader is sturdy and water tight to IP68.

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