Loggerflex is a new name built over an old heritage. We inherited the knowledge and experience of metering from a mid-century-old Danish company. Using the newest technology in measurement and communication, we designed products to solve everyday problems. We dedicate our efforts to provide easy monitoring solutions in the most flexible way to let our clients benefit from it in any aspect effortlessly. We based our solutions on their endurance in real-life conditions, simplicity of installation, and maintenance-free usage, combined with a clear and user-friendly interface design.

As a green-oriented company, we are committed to preserving our planet. Our products are made to assist our customers in minimizing the waste and maximizing the efficiency in their business. We progressively try to reduce our products’ environmental footprint—including material, water, and energy—not only in manufacturing but also during product’s life and in recycling procedures.

Our mission
Our mission is to provide easy, simple and safe solutions data acquisition and remote monitoring.

Our vision
We solve problems of monitoring environmental parameters, with a simple and user-friendly technology.

Our philosophy
We use the most advanced technology to simplify the usage of sophisticated devices for our customers.